Complete Home Construction specialize in design, construction and installation of sunrooms in Guelph, Kitchener / Waterloo, Cambridge and the surrounding cities. Our sunroom company carries Pation Enclosures brand sunrooms which is one of the most used, recognized and trusted amount home and business owners in Canada since 1966. All our custom sunrooms come with limited lifetime warranty because we believe in the quality of our products, our worksmanship, attention to detail and experience. Complete Home Construction designs and install 3 types of sunrooms.

3-Season Sunrooms
As the name suggests, a 3 season sunroom is a room addition to your home that usually come with floor to ceiling windows and doors. Except the coldest months in the winter, a three season sunroom give you comfort from spring to fall.

4-Season Sunrooms
To enjoy your sunroom all year round indepedend of the weather outside, the best choice is a 4-season sunroom. It comes generally with floor to ceiling windows and doors with a fully insulated solid roof. You can add to your 4 season sunroom a glass roof panels or a traditional skylights.

Traditional Sunrooms
For home and business owners who prefer a traditional room addition look and feel, traditional sunroom is a much better choice. The difference is a sunroom has more glass enclosures that allow more sunlight and greater outdoor visibility for you and your family.

A high quality sunroom does cost a lot of money and for some that require financial assistant. Our sunroom company offers special and flexible financing options with credit limit up to $65,000 for your custom sunroom projects. In our photo gallery, you'll find 3 season sunrooms, 4 season sunrooms and tradditional sunrooms that CHC have done for some of our clients over the years to give you inspiration and what we can do for you. For superior sunroom company in Guelph, Kitchener / Waterloo, Cambridge, Milton, Oakville and nearby cities, contact us today!.

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